Thursday, July 25, 2013

Travel Thursday

Thursdays are for day dreaming. I blame it on Thursday's close proximity to the weekend, but I think all Thursdays should include one good dream.  We have decided that Thursdays on the blog should be dedicated to travel dreams in particular.  

Katherine (me!) just returned from a trip to England and France. While there, I fell in love with Beaune-- a small town in Burgandy.  Beaune is the type town that you dream off when you think of France. It is full of antique stores, wine store, and cheese stores.  Wandering the streets feels something like out of a movie-- think Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun (ha! I wish, more like clumsy American).

 It is a lovely town with a slow pace. The slow pace leads you to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of life.  I hope that my time there will influence my life here as I attempt to learn patience and appreciation for even the smallest details.  The meals were perhaps my favorite thing about the trip because the French don't rush through their meals.  Rather, each meal has a slow rhythm to it.  The slow nature of the meals encourages great conversation. I know I am guilty of rushing through meal times with friends and family, but I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from the French in this department.  The Joy of Living as they say! Below are some pictures from our trip! 

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