Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby Sam and a Happy Baby Shower (and a few party tips)

Last week, we hosted a baby shower for our lovely Katie and her soon-to-be baby boy, Sam.  The party itself was a surprise so we had to be a little sneaky to keep Katie from knowing about the celebration.  On the morning of the shower,  Wendy and Katherine snuck next door to Daniel George to decorate for the party.  Using only a handful supplies, the girls came up with a fun look to celebrate baby Sam.  They started by situating the tables in a way that provided seating and standing room for all of our wonderful guests. Then we hung lots and lots of flag banners and party poufs from the ceiling (no designers were hurt during this step... thankfully).  And here is a great tip-- Wendy used napkins and string to create fun flag banners.  Simply fold the colorful party napkins and then staple them onto the string. Grab a ladder and a friend and boom-- a room ready for a party! We also brought over a cool bar cart from the shop to add to the look. We then added flowers, balloons, and table cloths to complete the look.  

Then came the real tough part. Katherine, our newest team member, had the rather difficult job of distracting Katie while the rest of the Marjorie Johnston and Co. girls took care of last minute details. Doing her best to keep the surprise a secret, she asked Katie to accompany her on some "errands in Homewood". After she took Katie on a wild goose chase through Homewood, we finally arrived back at the shop and walked over to Daniel George.  Katie was thrilled to be surprised by so many wonderful friends and co-workers.  It was truly a fabulous occasion for a precious person.  Check out the pictures from the event below! 

(Sam will DEFINITELY be an Alabama Fan)

The Coolest Party Guest

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