Monday, October 14, 2013

Katherine's Loving Lately

Hey y'all,

My name is Katherine, and I am the newest member of Marjorie Johnston & Co. I am a graduate of Mountain Brook High School and Vanderbilt University. At Vanderbilt, I studied English, Art History, and Design.  I was drawn to interior design because it combines several areas of life that I find intriguing-- art, design, people, and business.  Moreover, I am fascinated with design and the power to create. I am captured with the idea of transforming environments into spaces that reflect their inhabitants and purposes.  I have always loved homes because they are where we all learn, celebrate, rest, love, and grow. I hope that my love of home translates into my work as I work with you to create a space that reflects who you are. I believe your home should reflect those who live within it.  It should be your sanctuary and always make you peaceful.

All that said, I wanted to share what i'm loving lately for Fall.  Fall is the best season in my opinion, and I love all the products, foods, and activities associated with this time of year.  This Fall I've been focusing on layering textures and colors.  I am particularly drawn to deep burgundy, tan, grey, leather, wool, and metal. I love how these colors, textures, and weights play off of each other.  And last but not least, perhaps my favorite thing for Fall right now, is the white pumpkin.  Put these on your mantle, centerpiece, or porch and it instantly says "happy fall."

If you like any of these items or have any questions please contact me at  Items 1, 4, 5, 8, and 12 can all be purchased at Marjorie Johnston and Co.

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