Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Simple and Sweet: The Simplified Planner

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

― Leonardo da Vinci

Any woman knows that a planner is one of the most important accessories. With all the busyness that encompasses each of us every day, it is almost impossible to stay organized without some sort of planner or agenda book.  With the invasion of technology, it would make sense to use our phones, our ipads, and our computers to "organize" our lives.  However, despite the overwhelming possibilities for technological planning, all of us here at Marjorie Johnston and Co. prefer a paper planner.  There is something simple about using a tangible, paper planner.  It is as if the fact that a paper planner doesn't have an "on or off" switch makes life seem easier and simpler.  For me, I love that a paper planner is something I can have with me at all times. Moreover, it allows for me to make constant changes to my schedule with all my favorite colored pens because sometimes life changes when you are away from your desk. However, to be honest, one of my favorite things about my paper planner is that it provides another surface for my doodles, thoughts, and notes. Sometimes its hard to say if I have a planner with doodles or a sketch pad with a calendar...Because who doesn't want to celebrate a birthday with big happy colorful letters? 

As you can see, a planner is no small matter . The perfect planner not only helps to organize one's life, but it is also be a place to dream, draw, and celebrate. All this said, I have found THE planner.  What first caught my eye about the planner is its a name, "The Simplified Planner."  The creator behind the planner, Emily Ley (who is also precious and a smart business woman!), wanted the name of the planner to reflect its purpose as well as the philosophy of her brand.  She hopes that the planner will simplify your life by providing a "home" for all the things in our lives that need planning, remembering, and organizing.  When you buy a planner, you receive a binder with the calendar inside.  Then the fun starts! There is a large variety of options to chose from to fill your binder.  Some of the options include: budget tracker, meal planner, grocery list, to-do list, dreams and goals organizer, doodle pages, notebook pages, blog organizer, business files, dividers, journal pages, and folders.  

The benefit of getting to essentially design your own planner is that you can make it fit YOUR life! Emily Ley insists that these planners are for all of us: "Busy women! Moms! Business Women! College Gals! High School Gals! The Simplified Planner is designed so that you can build your own planner to fit your lifestyle-- whatever age, whatever story! You create your perfect planner."  

If you love these as much as me, you'll be excited to know that she just released the new Simplified Planner today! Last year the planners sold out quickly so hurry up and order yours today! 

To order: 

emily ley

 Emily Ley is a sweet, Southern girl from Pensacola who wants to help simplify YOUR life. :) 

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  1. This is so very sweet, Katherine! Thank you so much for this amazing feature!! xo Emily Ley