Thursday, June 28, 2012


Wendy had the pleasure of designing a young teen girls room back in May. To see the room you may think, "Wow that is a whole lotta pink!", but if you knew this sweet child, you would totally understand why Wendy went  ALL GIRL on this one. The room was put together in seriously, 2 days. Shopping on day 1 and the install came the next day. Big thanks to A Wise Move for their heavy lifting, and to Stephen Dickerson for making the window panels in less than 48 hours!!



repositioning the bed to the opposite wall really opened
up the room

Love this John Robshaw bedding!

she was in desperate need of storage!
No more excuses for clothes on the floor :)

the perfect reading chair

Like the Pink ceiling? We are beginning to see more and more bold colors on horizontal services here lately! 

Here is another Pink ceiling from Tineke is our month of pink after all!

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